Bless Curse Magic`

Talia’s just found out she’s not from here— her insane grandmother, Geneva, is still alive and she pretty much wants the family dead. And when she was three, her mother and grandfather washed her blood, separating her very being. While she lived with her grandfather on Earth, her other half was raised by her mother, dimensions away on the magical game planet of Conjuriam— and that’s not even the worst of it.

Magical People, Enchanting Planet, Captivating Creatures—   BLESS CURSE MAGIC`

Since killing her only son, the Umbra burns through Geneva’s veins and the dark collective drives her appetites. She lusts for the power of the Tanglin Sphere, ridiculing all invisible boundaries of The Game.

Two kinds of magic; mirror images― a body and soul divided.

Unsure of Talia’s light qualities, Luna doesn’t trust Deedee’s darker aspects— but he loves both. With the devastation of Conjuriam imminent he must convince them to work together to extinguish the darkness consuming Geneva and the planet.

Will Talia and Deedee use their Bless Curse Magic` to become Taldee before they destroy each other?

Talia is Bless and Deedee is Curse but their ultimate Magic` is as ONE.