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Cecilia Johnson is oneĀ of those people who chooses to live off the sampler platter of life. She’s a little outside of the box, and somewhere over to the left of normal (whatever that means).

Johnson grew up a country girl. Instead of finishing technical college in the early eighties, she moved back to her hometown and married the mate of her heart. Although some of her youthful choices might be considered flawed, her husband and she prove to be quite well matched. Since their nuptials she has worked as a Veterinarian’s assistant, a graphic artist at a newspaper, a computer conglomerate, a small publishing company, a travel agency, and a liquor distributor. She’s been a truck driver, bartender, a seed sorter and counter (yes a seed counter). Plus, she’s tackled almost every job at UPS (the list is more extensive than you might think). And she’s endured the ever glamorous job of cleaning restrooms. There’s more; but I think you get the picture.

Johnson’s husband Mickey was a huge supporter, as she gave each job 120% and still managed to bumble and trudge through one position after another. (I’m sure some readers can relate to her not so cohesive resume.) There came a time when she realized that kind of life wasn’t really working. Lucky for her, Mickey encouraged her to follow her desires. It was during her freelance graphic artist, animal portrait, and wildlife painting period that she began to write. Though it seemed to come naturally she decided to beat herself up in the art world and use writing as an outlet to stave off aggression. (The art world can be somewhat obscure and she seemed not to have the proper resume.)

A 20th wedding anniversary trip to Alaska sparked a new era. After receiving a coupon in the mail for a free appraisal the Johnson’s decided it was time for a real adventure. So, they sold their home, said goodbye to family, friends, a good stable job (Mickey was a lot better at that than Cecilia), and they moved into a fifth wheel. With their schnauzer Brennie, they spent a fantastical year exploring the United States, learning incredible things, seeing amazing places, and meeting extraordinary people.

It’s been a little over ten years since they left Wisconsin and took a year hiatus. Writing was a wonderful outlet to share misadventures and constant exploration with family and friends. Since then the Johnson’s have made residences, for varying intervals, in Montana, Oregon, Alaska, back to the Oregon coast, Utah, and with a few summers returning to Alaska. (Moving was somewhat of a hobby.) Currently they dwell in Brookings, Oregon and though their past residences are treasured memories they believe they are finally home.

Along the way writing had become a passion. Johnson’s fondness for wildlife, nature, hiking, travel, and things outside the box has helped her to create a world of infinite fantasy in her novels. Fortunately for her, her mind never rests. Many of her book ideas and some dream sequences have been experienced in twilight time. Consequently, writing has proven to be the perfect avenue for her assiduously, energetic mind. Hallelujah!!!! And even though she may travel the outer reaches from time to time, her concentration has truly found a home and so has she.

Cecilia Johnson thanks you for your time and interest.


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