Paintings- Cecilia Johnson Winter Jays

Winter Jays

In this gallery of paintings you will find an eclectic collection of my interests and ideas. As with my writing, you will see that nature is my main inspiration. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of all of my commissions. But then again what’s past is past.

Creative activities have filled my free time for as long as I can remember. Pencil, ink, oil, watercolor, acrylic, crayons, and color pencil have all been worked by my hand. I’ve been painting since I was a small child. Instead of using the paint by number paint, that came in the kit, to actually paint by numbers, I used the oils on rocks and pieces of glass window panes. Also, I preferred to sketch my own pictures and color them instead of using coloring books.

Through the years I’ve tried to find a style but nothing has stuck. I guess I wasn’t cut out to be a Rockwell, Daniel Smith, or Kincaid. Though it has given me lots of enjoyment, I must admit, painting at times has given me much angst. The devils is in the details has been an ongoing theme and one that has plagued me. Very few of my paintings have lived up to my own expectations or limited abilities. Though, in the past, my inner critic has shown me no mercy, I’m sure that I will continue to pick up a pencil or brush when the mood strikes me.

Those same elusive details that I am unable to convey on canvas are what helps me to see when I write. Texture and light, words used to describe parts of my paintings, are expanded upon in a novel. The soft light shone pink on the smooth birch bark, deepening with the sun’s setting… And happily, for the time being, my inner critic sits quietly in the drawer with my acrylics, airbrush, and color pencils.

 My Paintings


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