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If you are looking for good teenage books with a message, plus lots of entertainment value, the In Stone Series is a great option.
Here is a great review with lots of wonderful information about the first book in the In Stone Series:Energy in Stone

Energy in Stone Cover Cecilia Johnson Author

BR Said “I can’t get Lily out of my mind.” 

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“This is a great story and it is great to know there are 2 more IN STONE SERIES in the works.

There are some clear lessons, mainly, pay attention to your surroundings, that magic exists in our natural world and value the things that really matter.

The voice of Lily, the protagonist, is clear and lilting. She comes up in my thoughts throughout the day as if she really is an acquaintance. She has a pure and genuine personality that comes through vividly in this story… Her day to day circumstances make her easy to relate to and very believable.

When I started this story, as a retired teacher, I fell in love with it and thought… “Oh how I would love to be reading this with 5-6-7th grade students. The vocabulary and action were rich for discussion… Lily’s school and family experiences and frustrations are typical of the age group. Students could easily relate to her. Lily’s descriptions of bullying open avenues for discussion. In regards to bullying, many student faces passed through my mind and I thought how grateful they would be to have evidence they were not alone, that others had suffered through similar experiences.

Other messages related to ecology, science, nature and creativity are timely and appealing. The examples of inter-generational relationships were moving and enlightening as to the grief a child quietly suffers with the loss of a loved, older adult.

This is one of those books that you intend to give to a grand child in mid school and then end up hooked on it yourself.” 

Good teenage books have a lot to offer in entertainmentCecilia Johnson Author Secrets in Stone cover


New cover – 2nd edition

Secrets in Stone, the second novel in the In Stone Series, is a mystical fantasy of a daringly gifted teenage girl. Lily uses a crystal skull and silver dagger, crossing dimensions and worlds, against a destructive ancient on her quest for the vital crystal case.


Lily’s last stand.

Name in Stone cover Cecilia Johnson Author

Name in Stone, the final novel in the  In Stone Series, is the culmination of Lily Ann Bud’s battle with the Cruin, Gloam. Every good teenage book shares a story of love… Lily and John’s love story spans an eternity.

In this nature beyond the natural world adventure anything is possible; because for Lily there are no more boundaries. Lifetimes and worlds are tightly woven into a tapestry of intrigue and danger that will keep you guessing till the very end.

So if you are looking for good teenage books or a hero book give the In Stone Series a try.


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