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Cecilia Johnson painting of Nature fairy Pea Peckle In Stone Series

Nature fairy Pea Peckle

Energy in StoneSecrets in Stone, and Name in Stone


I didn’t set out to write a hero book or fairy books when I started the In Stone Series. In fact, I hadn’t planned any further than a single character; a nature fairy named Pea Peckle. I knew what I believed a nature fairy to be and the beings I imagined didn’t resemble Tinker Bell. They didn’t carry wands with magical fairy dust or have a barbie doll figure.

My fantasy In Stone Series  portrays nature fairies as pure creatures of natures energy. They are born by natures request and live to serve the earth.

The story actually presented itself to me in dream. The family I saw while I was sleeping was so clear that I felt like I knew them intimately. Yet I don’t recall ever meeting or seeing any one of them before.

The gathering of aunts and cousins laughed at a story one of the adults had told. But it was Lily Ann Bud that I recognized, as she sneaked from the living room, before the aunts shooed the rest of the children outside so they could talk privately. Lily was carrying a box filled with secrets and she was the one I wanted to follow. Without anyone’s notice she raced through the  yard and ducked under the canopy of massive willow tree.

With that one dream the In Stone Series was born.

Energy in Stone Cover Cecilia Johnson AuthorCecilia Johnson Author Secrets in Stone coverName in Stone cover Cecilia Johnson Author

Since 2009 when I started writing Energy in Stone Lily has become a cherished friend of constantly expanding consciousness and abilities. Following her in Secrets in Stone and watching her grow into an extraordinary women was a favorite pursuit.

Releasing December 2015, the third novel in the In Stone series. Name in Stone brings Lily into adulthood and her connection to nature becomes so strong there is nothing she can’t do. If you are looking for good teenage books with nature fantasy, but without epic war, you’ve come to the right place.

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