Nature Fairy

Cecilia Johnson painting Bella Bee nature fairy

Bella Bee nature fairy


What is a nature fairy?

My fantasy In Stone Series  portrays them as pure creatures of natures energy. They are born by natures request and live to serve the earth. The beings I imagine do not resemble Tinker Bell. Nor do these beings carry wands with magical fairy dust or have a barbie doll figure.

Cecilia Johnson painting Peedle Pod nature fairy

Peedle Pod nature fairy

A  fairy can be any size they like. Transparent and ethereal you are extremely lucky if you ever get a chance to see one. Neither male or female these beings of nature are able to work outside of what we consider normal time. They can fold an hour, or a day, inside and out. Fairies can live in the past or present without working up a sweat.

Nature fairies are neither violent nor manipulative and their souls would put that of an angels to the test. Created in the winds of heaven some are as ancient as earth itself. Referred to as fairy, faerie, fae, or the Fey, they each have a distinctive name so that when called there will be no confusion. Pea Peckle, Peedle Pod, Bella Bee, Teezle Tan, are just a few of the many unusual names a fairy may have. Fairies will only come if called by its full name, (in fairy speak, spoken all) and then only if you are bonded or it is necessity. Though they have names that sound childlike they are serious about their job here on earth and their intelligence is stellar.

It is uncommon for a fairy to be confused or surprised. And though compassion is at the core of their very being it is rare for them to show emotion other than joy. If you are looking for good teenage books or a hero book, the In Stone Series: Energy in Stone, Secrets in Stone, & Name in Stone share more about the nature fairy. You’ll find out how they are born and what it is they do to protect the earth and its creatures.

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