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Wanderer Finds Home in the World of Authorship

Brookings, OR January 12, 2016 – Cecilia Johnson is one of those people who chooses to live off the sampler platter of life, and according to her she resides a little outside of the box. Consequently, writing has proven to be the perfect avenue for her assiduously, energetic mind.

When Johnson launched the third novel, Name in Stone, in her nature fantasy In Stone Series, she was excited to see it reach #1 bestseller status on

Name in Stone features Lily, who’s not like you and me. Lily understands nature’s distinctive voice and has honed her instincts razor sharp in order to slice through the very fabric of the universe. Her past lives are intricately intertwined and form a deadly tapestry that is on the brink of unraveling. In a world full of limitations, Lily has absolutely no boundaries, though she is still altogether too human. When Earth offers her something it has never gifted another, Lily must decide: are some powers better left alone? In Lily’s final stand, readers learn whose memory will be etched forever, a ‘Name in Stone’.

“I loved the strength Lily possessed, as she had to endure so much to protect her loved ones. Be ready for a shocking twist at the end. All the pieces of the puzzle nicely fit together as author Cecilia Johnson will leave you with a sense of wonder yet a beautiful closure,” said Lorraine Carey, reviewer and author.

Johnson’s husband Mickey, a truck driver, was a huge supporter, as she tried one occupation after another. However, there came a time when Johnson realized that the normal nine to five wasn’t really working. Lucky for her, Mickey encouraged her to follow her desires. It was during her freelance graphic artist, animal portrait, and wildlife painting period that she began to write poetry. Then they moved.

Cecilia Johnson Author

Cecilia Johnson

Since leaving their family’s home state of Wisconsin the Johnson’s have made residences, for varying intervals, in Montana, Oregon, Alaska, back to the Oregon coast, Utah, and with a few summers returning to Alaska. Currently they dwell in Brookings, Oregon, and believe they are finally home. Along the way, Johnson found writing the perfect outlet to share misadventures and their constant exploration with family and friends.

Johnson said, “While traveling and moving around, writing became a passion. I love nature and when I hike it helps my creative process. My mind never rests. A lot of my ideas and some of the dream sequences in my novels, I’ve actually dreamt.” So, even though she may travel the outer reaches from time to time, Johnson’s focus has truly found a home. Johnson is well into her next novel, which she plans to release in 2016.

In Stone Series: Name in Stone ($11.99, ISBN: 978-1519384607) a 207-page, 6×9 paperback, also e-book format, by  CJ Originals Publishing, is available at and at Links to prior novels In Stone Series: Energy in Stone and Secrets in Stone are also on Johnson’s website.




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Cecilia Johnson Author Secrets in Stone cover

Could One Daring Teen Keep Our Planet Turning?


Lily Ann Bud would go to any length to protect earth. In Secrets in Stone, the second novel in the In Stone Series, author Cecilia Johnson takes you into nature beyond the natural world. Through fantasy Johnson suggests a deep connection to our planet and the universe.

It’s 1978, before laptops and cell phones. In rural Wisconsin most teens are hanging out in basements and ball fields. Not fifteen year old Lily. After finding a crystal skull and silver dagger she’s too busy learning to harness the Mindstone and tap into nature’s magical energy. When an ancient being warns her of earth’s impending doom, Lily already recognizes the more pressing danger to her family.

New to town, John throws Lily into a tail spin when he admits to sharing her dreams of a distant world ruled by phoenixes. When John goes missing and the threats to her loved ones escalate, it’s up to Lily to maximize the strength of the dagger and crystal to find the Secrets in Stone.

Johnson takes you on a roller coaster ride of new dimensions, past lives, and first love. With a corkscrew ending, Secrets in Stone will keep you guessing. — In a world filled with fundamental rules, Lily no longer recognizes the guidelines, for her they just don’t exist.

Cecilia Johnson Author press kit

Cecilia Johnson

When asked what influences her writing Johnson said, “Nature ranks at the top. But I’ve been inspired by my stint as a truck driver, travel, and I have some incredible dreams.” An avid hiker, Johnson left Wisconsin and spent a year exploring numerous US national parks. Since then she has made homes in Montana, Alaska, Oregon, and Utah before settling in Brookings, Oregon. Johnson’s first novel in the In Stone series: Energy in Stone can be found (e-book format) on Amazon.

In Stone Series: Secrets in Stone ($11.99, ISBN: 978-1534616608) a 246-page, 6×9 paperback, also e-book format, by CJ Originals Publishing, is available at online book retailers, in bookstores, at




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