Bless Curse Magic`

Talia’s just found out she’s not from here— her insane grandmother, Geneva, is still alive and she pretty much wants the family dead. And when she was three, her mother and grandfather washed her blood, separating her very being. While she lived with her grandfather on Earth, her other half was raised by her mother, dimensions away on the magical game planet of Conjuriam— and that’s not even the worst of it.

Magical People, Enchanting Planet, Captivating Creatures—   BLESS CURSE MAGIC`

Since killing her only son, the Umbra burns through Geneva’s veins and the dark collective drives her appetites. She lusts for the power of the Tanglin Sphere, ridiculing all invisible boundaries of The Game.

Two kinds of magic; mirror images― a body and soul divided.

Unsure of Talia’s light qualities, Luna doesn’t trust Deedee’s darker aspects— but he loves both. With the devastation of Conjuriam imminent he must convince them to work together to extinguish the darkness consuming Geneva and the planet.

Will Talia and Deedee use their Bless Curse Magic` to become Taldee before they destroy each other?

Talia is Bless and Deedee is Curse but their ultimate Magic` is as ONE.


Banswa: a large, very beautiful cross between a panther and lizard with an electric blue line that runs down its body, and along the entire six foot long, give or take, swinging tail. Banswa are creatures of the dystopian planet Planc, known to have a fondness for Trancullana’s. Ewe, I know.

Batseth: Black, of course, knobby thick wings, razor sharp teeth, and nasty longish stinger tail. They are not shiny like you might think but they are deadly. No one survives the sting of the Batseth. Very, bad juju.

Bentors: Cave dwelling creatures from the planet Burmore. The size of large wildebeests; they walk upright on enormously long feet with four large knuckled toes. They drag a tail that bristles and scrapes abrasively along, like an afterthought, aerating the soil. A harmless fog springs from them, as foul as accumulated dung. Strong and stubborn, with arms like clubs, distended stomachs, and short thorny necks, the herbivores had some truly nasty sharp teeth. (Plants on Burmore are in fact very meaty) Having no nose gives their faces the appearance of bulging corn fungus with the dead eyed stare of a shark. Their warty lips don’t cover their thoroughly green teeth. They can be killed but then they them explode, casting an immediate poison into the air. Ugh, makes the Batseth’s venom seem like child’s play.

Boorabons: Shaggy, bi-colored, very talkative pig like creatures. With large snouts that light up and with wings only a tiny fraction of the size of their body. I love pigs, shaggy talking pigs, even better.  

Candle snibs: Much like a blue damsel fly their bodies light up like a fire fly. So pretty.

Crossed Bindy: Created from a furry creature, resembling a longhaired zebra and striped dog, from another dimension and with some ingenious magic`, it’s rumored to tell the most uproarious jokes. Cool huh.

Dime`gate: Magi`s word for a dimensional gate or exit. The word portal is not in the magi`s vocabulary. Go figure.

Gack: Similar to a goose but unable to fly, closer to the size of an ostrich. They run with the speed of a cheetah and have a crazy cackle honk snort that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Used in a lot of Conjuriam’s sayings.

Grandwathe: Deep voiced, they are a very powerful Gorilla type creature with a Loins head and their own kind of magic`. They don’t have a mane but they have an outstanding mohawk. Though they could easily tear someone from limb to limb they are loyal friends and very accommodating. Nice.

Imagineer: Capable of creating something magi`cally. Hmm, maybe you too?

Jurrahah: a southern region on the Plean continent of Conjuriam. Good to know.

Magic`: The citizens of Conjuriam are Magic`s. Male are Magi`, female Magi`n. Lucky Gack’s.

Miria: known for its exquisite wines. Miria is in the fertile eastern region of the Grapemism continent of Conjuriam. Yum.

Miro: As in Miro magic`. Short word for extraordinaire. Extremely sophisticated, not all Magic`s are capable of the coordinated advanced facial, hand gestures, and eye movements necessary to complete.

Occulowes: Magical energy transmitters, ‘floating silver balls’, used in tandem, with magic` windows by highly tuned Magic`s. Sometimes used by oracles but otherwise used to watch.

Ovaglobe: A protective insulated invisible membrane that seals a biosphere off from the atmosphere making it easy to regulate. All very SciFi.

Perious Sea: One of eight oceans on the planet of Conjuriam. This particular ocean is light turquoise in color and is landlocked, but too large to be a lake. Populated with seals, sharks, (similar to earths seals and sharks, but not really) whorllaa, and many other unusual aquatic creatures. On the continent of Peritempt, it’s a land mass used purely for magical adventures. Totally fun! Just sayin’ 😉

Pernspector: a bright pink snake like frog that slithers and hops. FYI, hard to catch.

Singing Harpies’: Known for their unusually raunchy ditties, the dirty minded little birds spin like a top before flying. Because of the spinning they often times crash into things upon takeoff and have adapted by climbing trees and dropping from great heights to obtain flight. Smart.

Swa: a family or community of Banswa. Ahh.

Trancullana: From the planet Planc, Trancullana’s, full grown, are generally the size of a softball. They like hanging in Chulla trees. A face like a fly, bodies resembling a twenty-legged hairy spider, Trancullana, move fairly fast. They pop when bitten by a Banswa, and are considered quite tasty. I say “ewe.”

Tracullans: Baby Trancullana. They hang on the hairy body of their parent Trancullana. So, NOT cute.

Theosmat: Bright, purple feathered-mouse, able to sing lively tunes, they are admired for their melody, and the volume at which they are able to project from their tiny shrew sized bodies. Love them.

Witch: generally not a good name to be called on Conjuriam. Swear word or derogatory name for a magic`. Used frequently by magic`, when greeting an old friend with a sense of humor. Instance— son of a witch, what an extraordinary witch, you witch. Also used in anger—you rotten witch, you’re such a witch; I can’t stand that witch…etc.  I think you can follow.

Urie Pearls: Iridescent pearl like stones dug from the ground on the planet of Turebend (planet in the Turn galaxy). They naturally collect light, storing energy within. The pearl is sensitive to the thoughts of anyone wishing for more light. It illuminates automatically and stays lit until no longer needed. So, handy, efficient, and beautiful to boot

Zandycant: From the planet Cahnter, their feet are so big— how big you ask? Large enough they can cross quicksand without sinking. Ginormous, am I right?