In Stone Series

Energy in StoneSecrets in Stone, and Name in Stone

Nature beyond the natural world…

With a death and the vision of one violet spark Lily’s nature odyssey begins. In ‘Energy in Stone’ the first in the In Stone Series Lily realizes a destiny and bond with nature beyond her wildest imaginings.

‘Secrets in Stone’ the second book in the In Stone Series, is a roller coaster ride into new dimensions, past lives, and first love. Join Lily’s quest to find the crystal case. Watch her powers and courage grow as her connection to nature expands.

Lily’s life depends on locating John, but using the Mindstone or sharing secrets has deadly repercussions. Fear for her family and a ‘Name in Stone’ stokes the fire of Lily’s passion for revenge but to destroy the Cruin, Gloam, could be her own undoing. Whose memory will be etched forever, a ‘Name in Stone’?

Whether you are looking for good teenage books, a hero book, or a fantasy adventure you’ve come to the right place. The In Stone Series has nature energy, and nature fairies. Filled with fantastical dreams ‘Energy in Stone’‘Secrets in Stone’, and ‘Name in Stone’ will keep you guessing till the very end.

In a world filled with fundamental rules, Lily no longer recognizes the guidelines,
for her they just don’t exist.