Energy in Stone

Energy in Stone Cover Cecilia Johnson Author

A young girl realizes a destiny and bond with nature beyond her wildest imaginings.

Willow is Lily Ann Bud’s closest confidante until the mysterious Colleen Harrison befriends her. Colleen teaches her about nature and she realizes there is more to the elderly Mrs. Harrison than meets the eye. But it’s Colleen’s final lesson that has the greatest impact on Lily’s world.

Pea Peckle, one of the Fey, introduces Lily to enchanting spirit beings who strengthen her link with the planet and expand her view of the universe. Nature fairies may have funny names but they are only silly sometimes. Lily’s quest for the Hummingbird Spiritstone’s next caretaker is plagued with nightmares and loss, but when she alone can see the violet spark the stakes are raised.

Uncertainty of her worth, sanity, and strength haunt Lily even after each new achievement. Can Lily stop the menacing phantom that threatens everything she hold dear? Will Lily’s soul offer the answers that her mind refused to believe? Will Lily recognize the ‘Energy In Stone’?

Whether you are looking for a hero book or good teen books Energy in Stone will add fun fantasy to your world.

Here are some reviews from Amazon…

BR review, “I can’t get Lily out of my mind!!”

“The voice of Lily, the protagonist, is clear and lilting. She comes up in my thoughts throughout the day as if she really is an acquaintance. She has a pure and genuine personality that comes through vividly in this story…”

“This is one of those books that you intend to give to a grand child in mid school and then end up hooked on it yourself.”

Idahogirl review, “The imagination and descriptive writing are terrific!”

“The story line grabbed my interest and kept me guessing. The author used humor and suspense well…I wanted to keep reading even when I had to stop for real world reasons.”

Marcia review, “Nature at its best”

“I normally do not read books about fantasy, but totally enjoyed this book.”

Ranald review,My first experience with an e-book”

“Energy in Stone is a touching story of realization that we are all connected, in this universe.”

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