Name in Stone

Name in Stone cover Cecilia Johnson Author

Name in Stone is Lily Bud’s last stand.

Lily’s not like you and me. Lily understands nature’s distinctive voice and has honed her instincts razor sharp in order to slice through the very fabric of the universe. Her past lives are intricately intertwined and form a deadly tapestry that is on the brink of unraveling.

The Cruin, Gloam, an ancient nature being, and one of the guardians of Earth, blames all of humankind for the planets pain. Gloam wants us gone. Lily vowed to stop the Cruin in more than one lifetime and the culmination is now. But Gloam’s minions are many and Lily needs help.

Lily’s love for the boy with the golden aura spans eternity. Her bond with him is like no other. If she is to survive her final confrontation with the Cruin Lily must find John. In a world full of limitations Lily has absolutely no boundaries, though she is still altogether too human. When Earth offers her something it has never gifted another, will Lily accept? Or are some powers better left alone? In Lily’s final confrontation with Gloam who will be victorious? And whose memory will be etched forever, a ‘Name in Stone’?

Lorraine’s review, “I loved the strength Lily possessed, as she had to endure so much to protect her loved ones.”

“Those who search for a unique fantasy-type adventure will enjoy this story. Be ready for a shocking twist at the end. All the pieces of the puzzle nicely fit together as author Cecilia Johnson will leave you with a sense of wonder yet a beautiful closure.”

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Name in Stone Sample Chapters – 6 x 9