Secrets in Stone

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New cover for ‘Secrets in Stone’ – second edition now available!!!

In a world filled with fundamental rules, Lily no longer recognizes the guidelines, for her they just don’t exist.

It’s 1978 and fifteen-year-old Lily Ann Bud is trying hard not to think about starting high school. She has enough on her hands already, between her summer job, helping her family, and learning to control her abilities to tap into nature’s magical, strange energy. When an ancient being warns Lily of a dark power bent on harming her and the earth she’s driven to learn about dimensional travel and the mysterious tools that can help her: a crystal skull and a silver dagger.

New to town, John throws Lily into a tail spin when he admits to sharing her dreams of a distant world ruled by phoenixes. Lily suspects that the key the peril lies somewhere in her past lives. When John goes missing and the threats to her loved ones increase, it’s up to Lily to maximize the strength of the dagger and crystal, to find the Secrets in Stone.

If you are looking for good teen books or a hero book, without epic war, Secrets in Stone has courageous characters and family value. ‘Secrets’ takes you on a roller coaster ride of new dimensions, past lives, and first love. With a corkscrew ending, the fantasy adventure book Secrets in Stone will keep you guessing.

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Secrets in Stone Sample Chapters – 6 x 9