Natures Energy

Though my In Stone Series is a fantasy novel, natures energy is very real.

Cecilia Johnson natures energy
Low tide Brookings, OR

Not only is natures energy real, one of the ways you can feel it’s benefits is by spending fifteen minutes in the sun. There is a chemical in the skin that is changed by the sun’s energy. The newly created vitamin D3 is then carried to the liver. Once through the liver, the D3 travels to the kidneys to be transformed into active vitamin D. As vitamin D floods organs, muscle tissue, and bones after a week of rainy days the results can sometimes feel miraculous. Is it any wonder more people are smiling when the sun is shining.

Natures energy comes in many forms and everything around us is made of atoms or elements. Tiny particles called protons and neutrons make up the nucleus or center of each atom. Like a hive of bees even smaller particles called electrons orbit the nucleus. To give you an idea of the size of an atom, there are around 1014 atoms in a typical human cell. Protons are positively charged, neutrons are neutral, and electrons are negatively charged particles. Science says that our bodies, when in balance, are mostly neutral but it also says that electricity is a key to survival. When the nervous system sends signals to the brain, or synapses fire, it is electricity carrying the messages.

I’ll get to my point. At around 5’9″ off the ground there is an electrical charge equivalent to 350 volts with about zero volts at ground level. Electrical currents natural and man made are all around us, and our bodies are good receptors. So, we are constantly being bombarded with electricity in one form or another. Because the earth’s surface is covered in negative electrons it is a natural insulator. Walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach is like plugging in to natures energy. When in direct contact with earth, essentially, it creates a shielding effect. Scientific testing has proven that earth’s negative electrons have the ability to calm the mind and decrease muscular tension.

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Natures Perfection

The scent of a flower, the song of a robin, or a beautiful sunset can coax one out of a foul mood. Each has their own energy and each plays a vital part in our world. Science is recognizing more and more that our health and very existence is dependent on our connection to the earth and natures energy. So kick off your shoes, feel the ground beneath your feet, and get connected.

I believe natures energy is a force of good.


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